The history of swimwear development-see what the earliest swimwear looked like


“Modern swimsuit” does not seem to be a strict term. The intuitive reaction is swimwear since the 1900s. In the history of clothing, the mainstream textual research view is that the formal swimsuit appeared after 1862 and basically coincided with the modern historical concept.

There is an old and famous swimsuit brand called Jantzen (founded in 1916). There are many types of products. It is an interesting and dazzling history of swimsuits. It is not specifically introduced in this article. If you are interested, you can search for it and give a A concise evolution of Jantzen swimsuit styles:

Movie star Mara Lane in Jantzen swimsuit sunbathes at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, 1954

Before the 16th century, the mainstream was naked swimming; after the Middle Ages, religious imprisonment made it difficult for women to even bathe, let alone swimming/playing in water.

The earliest “bathing dresses” appeared in the 18th century, that is, the “undershirt-like” clothes used by aristocratic women to bathe. They were long and thick, and they had to wear a hat to cover the whole body. Is this a bath or torture?

bathing suit, 1875, wool, FIDM collection
Jordan, Marsh & Co.’s spring and summer women’s swimwear advertisement in 1897

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, human thoughts were finally no longer imprisoned, and the influence of shame on clothing faded acceleratingly. Men’s swimsuits were simplified to a single shorts, while women’s swimsuits were simplified relatively slowly, but elements such as high collars and long sleeves were quickly removed, and the length was shortened to the knee. In general, the development and change of men’s swimsuits is gentle, while women’s swimsuits have jumped.

Bathing suit, 1902, deposited in the Library of Congress
A swimsuit from 1905 has only a slight decorative difference from the lady’s swimsuit in the picture above
A swimwear ad for women of all ages in 1906. It can be seen that the head and feet are very grand
Swimsuit beauties in “Sirens of The Sea”, 1920s. I want to say that the first one on the right is inspired by cheongsam
These two men are not tailors, they are police! It is measuring whether Peggy Graves’ swimsuit meets the minimum exposure standard in the 1933 dress code
Swimsuit designed by American designer Carolyn Schnurer, 1944–45, in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum. Personally think that it is still beautiful and fashionable today-swimming is discussed separately, anyway, many people go to the beach to show their bodies and swimsuits ;-)
This is a beach photo taken by Philippe Halsman for actress Charlotte Payne in 1947. She is wearing a swimsuit designed by Tina Leser. Students who are familiar with fashion trends must have discovered that this kind of hollow yarn is a hot spot for women’s wear this year
I really like and regard it as a classic fashion magazine photo. The 1990 British version of Vogue, the model is the supermodel Christy Turlington, the photographer Patrick Demarchelier
French Vogue in May 1996, model Georgina Grenville
The candy-colored beachwear that was popular in Pink-Haired Beach Campaigns-The Wildfox Summer 2012 Lookbook
Finally, a swimsuit studded with jewels from Dolce & Gabbana. This is really for the show by the pool, right?

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